Viking Cleaners has been dry cleaning and laundering clothes since 1959.

Viking Cleaners has become a trusted, reliable cleaner for the 50+ years we have been serving the Phoenix valley. Our processes have remained efficient and effective to make sure your garment receives the best quality care it needs.

All of our garments are processed with barcodes that allow for Viking Cleaners to manage requests and track all of your clothing to prevent garment loss. With this management system in place we can track your clothing at each point in the cleaning process and minimize the opportunity for human error. We offer industry options for starch amount, creasing requests, or delivery preference (boxed or hung).  

Leather, suede, and rugs are also welcomed and will be cleaned at a specialty factory.

We are always available for any questions regarding how you prefer we clean your clothes! Please feel free to come in store or call (602) 956-3280 and we’ll get your preferences noted.